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MAP Analysis Part 1 – Elliot Waves revisited – Motive Wave probabilities – An end to endless corrections!

MAP Analysis Part 2 – Basic Wave theory, terminology and trading patterns Explained

MAP Analysis Part 3 – A Cycle of repeated behaviour – Protect yourself!

MAP Analysis Part 4 – Techniques  – Putting EW together into a probabilistic trading model

MAP Analysis Part 5 – Combining EW &  Cycle Forks To The Correct Pivots – A high probability predictive trading model!

Key to Interpret Charts

For the latest wave pivot count go to the World Watch which is designed to give context at a glance of where we are and where we are going and is a good place to start.

The concept of this site is to increase the private investors education, because I am sure you are here for the same reasons I started this site – you thought you could make easy money, played on your own, lost some by falling into classic pitfalls, paid for professional advice, continued to loose and are frustrated. I consider myself lucky to be in the worlds richest 20% – I have a net worth of more than $1, and as such wish to give back something to society and believe education is the best and only long term thing I can do to stop the rip off rigged investment game!

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As the industry standard is endless corrections to which it is not possible to asses probabilities I will continue to refer to Elliot’s motive wave as MAP waves to differentiate my analysis from the industry standard.