Russel Update 15 April – Expect tradeable turn this week


MAP WAVE COUNT @ 15Apr2012  H-5 of 4H-1 of D4 of W-2 of M5. This does not change the target previously projected and shown below, but just the colours! I think it is likely that there is one more high to come towards the end of the year. This should not effect trading as if you are trading that seldom you may as well not bother!


As projected a large move down was seen gaping through the median lines to make pivot H-3, pivot H-4 was made around the intersection of the following forks 4H345ML, H345ML, H-1-2-3ML.

We are in the 5th H wave so I am expecting pivot 4H-1 to be made by midweek around 765 as shown below on the bold lower blue rail f fork 4H345.

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