24 April Market Update – further down side for the rest of this week

Further drops are expected in the markets over the next few days to make a tradeable pivot.


S&P has nicely followed its cycle channels and appears to be putting in its final wave and is expected to put in a bottom in the next day or so below H-3 and most likely on the piercing the lower lime rail and as far as the lower blue rail as suggested in the April 17th update.

The Russel has also nicely followed its predicted course and also is set up to put in pivot 4H-1 shortly on the lower blue rail.

The Nasdaq appears further than the S&P and Russel and it appears that its MAP Wave count is 10-5 of H-1 of 4H-3 and is expected to turn putting in 4H-3 on the next lower dark blue rail, possibly as far down as the lower red median line.

The Dow is also set up to complete 4H-3 this week and has the same MAP Wave count as the Nasdaq. A fall to the thick lower purple rail is where it is expected to turn.

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2 Responses to 24 April Market Update – further down side for the rest of this week

  1. mapportunity says:

    Despite the jump last night from Apple earnings surprise – all the above indices are still trading within their expected cycle forks.
    All that this means is that the bottom is pushed further into the future, but is still expected to trend within the hourly trend channel to the suggested lines.

    • mapportunity says:

      Earlier today ES broke its trend confirming that the low of the 10th is most likely a 4 hour pivot. It is likely that a retrace to at least 1378 will occur with a maximum retrace to 1364 before putting in H3. I will update Sunday. Also I am writing up the risk assesment and have started with MAP Waves. I will go on to explain the limitations of wave theory models so that users are aware of limitations and probabilities!

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