So why have I not updated my projections for a while???

The reason I have not updated any analysis for a while is that because I feel, even as a non professional analyst, I still have a duty of care, because if someone acts on my projections, which despite the DISCLAIMER people may naturally do, users MUST understand the parameters and basis of the forecasts, and as such the need to have available to them that information to evaluate for themselves and make their own judgement, as this information is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

We all have a responsibility to society because like it or not in today’s world there is no other option! Lets accept that and act in a more responsible manner for a more better future for all!

So please bear with me for a couple more weeks, and take the time to objectively evaluate and form your own opinion of my methods and forecasts published so far whilst I finish editing the methodology based on the foundation laid out to date.

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2 Responses to So why have I not updated my projections for a while???

  1. mapportunity says:

    Wow thanks! I just hope I can get the next one ready for tomorrow so people can have some week end reading! Hopefully I don’t upset too many more people! part 4 under me – email me and I will send you the password. comments suggestions welcome!

  2. sisyphusstone says:

    Hi Marc,
    Came across your posts on an occasional visit to the Market Oracle, so came across to your blog. An interesting blend indeed! At the risk of being ‘old hat’ I thought I’d mention VSA – Volume Spread Analysis – as per Tom Williams/Gavin Holmes at TradeGuider. If you’ve not encountered VSA/Wyckoff I would recommend taking a look. Regardless of whether you use the software, the principles are what count and I, for one, have found that they have made a big difference when analyzing price as it approaches project support/resistance levels or wave targets, as well as indicating future support and resistance levels.
    As to the House of Rothschild and their banking cartel, if only people would open their eyes and minds and study history! I am mindful of the way the Bankers of the Italian City States of the Middle Ages collapsed the European economy which lead to the Hundred Years War and over a century of severe privation across the continent – deja vu????
    Keep up the good work – what goes around etc.

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