S&P – December 20 Low A system to find a point or random lines for marketing?

From random pivots on the 19th……….
To a system – Extract of email 20th ……

Here is a brilliant example of why I have this issue with pivots!

Attached Pivots 123.jpeg with fork as in course materials. Pivot 4 did not make ML. Course materials say do sliding parallel

Attached Pivots 123.jpeg with sliding parallel. Course material says most likely next pivot on lower MLH.
And hey presto… sure enough that is where the bottom was made!
And that completes the correction! No continuous abc, ABC, 12345, i ii iii iv  extension here there or every where! And coincidentally it is also just broke below the blue lower MLH, the next scale up purple  lower MLH.
Can you please explain how you chose your pivots in your ES chart on Saturday as I have no idea why you chose those particular pivots and just do not see the relationship. Nuch appreciated because if there is an easier method in choosing pivots the I want to know about it!!!! My pivot counting is not fast enough! and is behind the prices. I need to get ahead!!!!
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