Welcome to World Watch!

Welcome to World Watch!

The moment of truth! bounce tomorrow then down over the week. Projections show down pretty hard leading into US elections! Time will tell.

 I am expanding the range of my analysis to set the context of where we are and where we are going. Cycle channels and pivot validation values can be seen on the charts. I have been rather busy and have finished Europe updates and included Swiss PR, The US is now complete and silver has been updated!

I aim to update these pages to show my minimum monthly, weekly and daily pivot scale MAP Wave counts, 5 up and 5 down! The wave count shown is the last confirmed pivot once that level has met the criteria described in MAP Analysis Part 1 and Fractal Waves (coming soon) as follows:

1  >= 0 /2 <= 1 and >= 0 / 3 >= 1 / 4 >= 2 /5 >= 3 (the opposite for down waves) so you can instantly see what the trends are for different wave scales.

Let me know what you think – even my wife can tell from the table if the market is going up or down on the different pivot scales!


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