US Indices updated 2012 Nov 17

I have added the updates to the end of the World Watch pages for easy comparison of projections and results in order to easily asses the accuracy and find room for improvement.

I have had a lot of questions regarding targets, and as it appears difficult for some to understand the concept of fractal waves have added highlight to show approximate areas of pivots. These, like the S&P update sent on the 12th will depend on the wave structure as it develops.

The reason is very simple -a decision or statement or news release or policy decision etc. causes action points.

A pivot is a change in confidence once a critical mass is achieved which then causes a reaction point.

So depending on the scale of the decision eg. the US coming off the gold standard in the early 70’s resulted in the government no longer being constrained in its ability to be held accountable financially as with fiat money they now could print what ever they wanted to line their pockets and abuse their positions of power. The reaction point was the highs in 2000 Nasdaq bubble and 2007 tops in the other US indices and ultimately the sub prime crisis. This will take decades to recover from as the debt needs to be cleared and you an be assured that it will only be done through considerably more totalitarianism and increasing use of force with a loss of many more freedoms to control the voters to get as much wealth to keep them in power as we can already see in Greece and Spain!

A shorter span action is QE 1, QE2, Operation twist … LITRO… QE infinitum which have had shorter reaction times despite more money being printed every time!

Even shorter is the response to a Bernanke speech which is over within a few hours!

As a result you home in on the final pivot on each bigger fractal MAP wave scale as the smaller waves develop!

Sorry guys there is no sell at this price in x days! If it were that easy then the stock exchange will not have survived for this long!

DOW Update

S&P Update

Nasdaq Update

Russel Update



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