I am expecting a top tonight or at opening tomorrow followed by a low on the 21st, followed by a rally into year end.

These projections are based on ideal wave pivots projected on 3 wave scales.  We will have confirmation at opening tomorrow!



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  2. rbazuin says:

    I think the bottom (H2)is near–another rally on <5 min. level followed by new low below 1408.74
    should do it. I believe we would then need to breakout above 1448 to justify your new all-time
    highs hypothesis. What do you think?

  3. rbazuin says:

    Good call on the top, Mark. Hope your call for Dec. 21 low is equally good. I’m doing A lot of analysis using your methods. One suggestion: if possible update the master chart On world view more often.

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    • mapportunity says:

      OK now the thing with fractal waves is that just like gold put in a sub-wave these projections are “ideal waves”.
      I am actually trading the DAX 4 more levels down and you have to watch on a minimum 4 minute ticks so not much time for much else!
      I will be swoping to a forum style so that hopefully we can get a big enough group together so that every ones “field of interest” can be catered for. I am working on an alert system where on different pivot scales email alerts can automatically be sent,
      I am going to keep public free down to the daily scale as the updated charts are now (europe finished today – I have a broader economic interest so want to keep the big picture in perspective) so that we can concentrate on trading on fewer instruments to a smaller wave scale.So hopefully I will have that up and running by end of January- including tutorial type group training and learning in real time.

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