TEST ONLY UPDATE – 20 December

I will only update SPX for this trial as US indices are on same wave count.

We got the high yesterday as projected. However it was not made at the ideal wave intersection and so this will affect the next projected pivot.

The timing will be effected as we still need H4 to complete 4H1 (which ideally should fall along the dark blue  ML shown on the first test post).

Below is the updated ideal 10-1 and 10-2 pivot locations with annotations. A break below the thin light blue MLL confirms top as H3.

SPX 20December

The short stop would be yesterdays high with a simple correction having a 1:1 risk reward ratio and complex correction having 1:3. As Wave 2 was simple the odds favour a complex correction here so at a guess the reports are either going to be contradictory or -ve.  Further in favour of a complex correction is the possible capital gains tax changes that may favour behaviour of minimize risk before YE and exit after yesterdays rather large drop!

Now we off to visit family for Christmas so probably be out of system for a couple of days!

Hopefully the snow does not melt so we can get some skiing in!


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2 Responses to TEST ONLY UPDATE – 20 December

  1. mapportunity says:

    Lower green parallel around 1400, looking like tonight. We are in 10 minute wave -5 which will complete H4. Then at a guess sideways until fiscal cliff and when can gets kicked down the road that should give us a high above 18 December high ideally, on Dark blue ML – 4H1. Making the D blue ML is very positive. Then we will get a larger correction which can go down below this as it will be 1 fractal wave scale bigger.

  2. P C Romaneski says:

    Thanks Marc,

    Merry Christmas!


    Sent from my iPad

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