US Short term TEST ONLY update 6th January

We are in the final 10 minute wave 5 up and it looks like a top before the end of the week (9th-10th Jan based on current wave formation) to complete 4H1 on the dark blue ML projected on the original Short TERM TEST post of the 19th December.

So another 1-2% depending on the index.


DOW 6Jan


(David you should recognize the bottom green pivot starting this wave – was a good buy as anticipated!)


SPX 6Jan

That looks likes it will be followed with 4H-2 into at least mid February giving back most of this years gains before the bull market resumes. That appears a buy hold for a month or 2 to complete 4H3.

All in all this has been a pretty successful test despite having a lovely skiing holiday with my family in Andorra!


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