US Short term test only – 7 February update

US indices have put in 4H3 on the 4H012 ML and a new fork combination that I have been looking at to make it easier to track wave!!!! This also fell on the long term resistance line – the Q234ML as you can see below.

7 Feb SPX LT


Below is the detailed ideal wave target for 4H4.

7 Feb SPX detail


Now things are expected to get volatile (nothing to do with VIX) but as we start to close waves the characteristics of  waves change depending on which bigger wave scale fractal  they fall within. Overall I expect this bull to run to sometime 2015, and above you can see ideal D3 currently projected for mid March.

The reason I have not posted much recently is because I have been trying to set up the forum so that we can have live discussions where people can post Q&A on the system, and run live analysis for trading. If I cannot get it set up this weekend then I will try some other forum software. Also I am trailing some more software for pitchfork analysis that should allow building historical data bases for analysis as well as running live data. So hopefully soon………


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