SHORT TERM TEST ONLY – Problems and Questions Answered.

Thanks for those that are giving feedback!

Below are what appear to be generic issues, and I hope the individual issues have been clarified.

(P roblem / S olution)

P – The presentation of projections is not clear using just lines. Even though they are colour coded people are finding it difficult to interpret.

S – I have added rectangular fork channels on different fractal scales in line with the colour coding. Prices on each fractal scale are expected to stay within the overall channel with overlapping channels showing the most likely path of prices (darker). A spike high or low I ignore. A close one fractal scale up calls for re analysis.

Q – Prices made an unexpected high.

A – They broke the wave rules – Stop loss if closes one fractal scale bigger above / below.

A – They broke ML rule – Stop loss if closes one fractal scale bigger above / below.

A – If one rule is broken on your trading fractal wave scale – Caution!

A – If both rules are broken on your trading fractal wave scale – exit position and reanalyze!


Q – Some people are familiar and follow other EW counts – how do my fractal wave scales compare?

A – That depends on who you are trying to compare with, but approximately;

Grand Super Cycle –          Y early (black)

Super Cycles –                     Q uarterly (gold)

Cycle –                                   M onthly (orange)

Primary –                               W eekly (red)

Major –                                   D aily (purple)

I am changing the prefixes to clarify scale and stop using numbers for scales and pivot numbers and am adopting the SI sequence as most people are familiar with many of the abbreviations and scales (previous coding in double brackets).

Intermediate –                       d eci (dark blue) ((4H))

Minor –                                    c enti (green) ((H))

Minute –                                 m illi (blue) ((10))

Minuette –                              µ (alt230) micro (grey) ((05))

Subminuette –                       n ano (pink) ((04))

p ico (orange) ((03)

f emto (red) ((02))

Forum update:

I am experiencing problems with the forum software which they are trying to sort out for me!

Simplifying methodology into English;

I have started with definitions as many questions are arising from this It is nearly done and will be posted as soon as the forum software is sorted.

This will be incorporated into simple “lessons” on how to do it in small modules and hopefully be cross referenced.

Feedback , such as clarified above will be incorporated to keep it updated.



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