SHORT TERM TEST ONLY – Update 11 February 2013

Following my earlier QA post below are the revised format charts showing the expected support and resistance channels;

d eci scale (previously 4H) – dark blue;

11 Feb SPX LT

Prices have followed the d012ML and found support until it hit the Q234ML (bold orange) where in my previous post I was expecting 4H3. The flatter channel is from MFd012. The overlapping are (darker blue) is the expected trading range and shown is ideal d3 target.

c enti scale (previously H) – green;

11 Feb SPX MT

You can see how Q234ML has acted as resistance and this will turn into support. The ideal target m5 (=d3) is shown, along with the m123 and m234 channels. D012ML (bold blue) is expected to offer resistance as you can see from the deci scale previously shown.

m illi scale (previously 10) light blue;

11 Feb SPX ST

Here you can see 3 targets, ideal wave, extreme wave and MF. There are 2 likely routes prices will take either to extreme m3 or MFm3 but until pivot µ2 is confirmed it is not possible to have a better idea.

So from the big fractal wave scales we zoom into smaller ones. So depending on your trading wave you can determine your stop loss orders combining this with our wave rules.

One of the parts of the forum will be live discussions when markets are open.


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