19 February – SPX short term test only update

So far so good. Current wave count shown below. Prices broke the upper rail which removed the possible alternative count and the current count is shown below Good job for tight stops. We are in 005 3/010 5/H5/4H3 and this rising wedge could play out until the end of the month. A break of the dotted green line is pretty safe that 4H3 is in – but don’t forget the retest of the high! Once we break below the grey triangle 005 3 is in and should not break below the lower line of the blue triangle. Then we should get 5 pink waves to complete this uptrend.

19 Feb SPX ST


I have just added back the Ideal 010 3 (which was 1 hour out) and H5 projected on the update of the 11th.  and was the alternative count of the 15th.


I have started to upload stuff on the new site which is intended to be run as a forum but no projections yet. Due to being badly spammed twice I am making it registration only! I am changing the pivot scales labels and suggest you start to familiarize yourselves with them – largely because 005 3 is more confisung than µ3 which is important if there will be a live trading forum – we all need to be speaking the same language! Largely all I have uploaded is terminology and abbreviations. We are away for my birthday – going to see my daughter in Abu Dhabi where she is on a training course and then have 2 days to start updating projections. Hopefully the core of the new site will be up and running before the end of the month!

Comments there would be welcome so that it can be as simple to understand as possible – but sorry you need to register!   http://www.mapwaves.com

For those of you who have enjoyed this drop in gold and silver below is what the current projection shows for gold. A possible test of 1550 before the end of the month!

19 Feb Gold ST


Silver is projecting a temporary bottom around 28.75.


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