US $ – Likely top end of week

Looks like the DX will put in c3 this week.

I have started to move stuff onto MAP Wave Analysis so see charts there.

The terminology is mostly detailed so you can easily reference what abbreviations and colours I am using. There have been a few changes!

The reason I am moving from wordpress is so that people can post charts etc to ask questions and I am starting a group with cycle fork rules with a trading room.

For the Cycle fork training I have a mixed trial group – 1 retired trader, 3 people that manage their own portfolios, 2 that have and are involved in property development and a Euro trader! This will hopefully allow final development of training materials to open to others that want to learn  what / how I do my projections.

For the trading room the idea is that my data base gets extended and as people are trained in the methods that they get applied in peoples areas of interest, eg Adam in Dubai is in property development and is interested in Emaars recent bound – how long will that last??? Piergiorgio who has been trading the Euro for a number of years will help with guess what….. The trading room will attempt to identify short and long term trades, as well as day trading – so needs to be fully interactive with members throwing in their bit frequently!!!

I have been spammed twice so far in getting it set up so have made it a bit more difficult with the registration so you need to register, then confirm your email address and then I confirm approval. Since I started this I have had no spam!


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