Updates – MAP Wave Analysis

In progressing MAP Wave Analysis the following have been updated this weekend




You should be able to view all but Theory and Trading Floor which I am working on in conjunction with extending the scope of the analysis to at least the weekly tick scale.

In order to receive a daily list of updates and post comments please register. It is a two part process to help control spammers – fill in your email address, you will receive a link that verifies your email by sending you a link for you to complete the registration process. Once submitted the registration needs to be verified and off you go….

Over the next month I hope to have pretty wide coverage of major currencies, major global markets and major commodities.

Let me know what you want and if there is sufficient interest it can be added!

In addition I am working on training materials for the theory and methods.

That should bring users to speed to start a Trading Floor where users can interact, exchange investment ideas, monitor on small time scales for entry and exit points areas of particular interest in real time!


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