SPX update 2April

We fell out of the above projected rising wedge , however prices bounced off WL-1 and are moving in the wedge shown below.

spx130402 overlay

We are in µ5 of m3-of c5 of D3.
We should get aupport here, failing which c234WL-1 and µ234MLL is our next level of support.

spx130402 detail c5


I have explaimed to a few of you that I am having real problems with this vBulletin and so am reverting WP.
The format will be as here except decent navigation will be through the menu structure!
Also images can be uploaded etc.

I am just trying to get a private group chat working so registered users can have chat putting opinions etc with other memebers that are oon line. That is the final thing before I will move it here!

Hopefully in the next few days thast will be done. I will create user accounts for you on the nes sytem using your exiting usernames and will make a password for you to loging.
If you then go to your user setting and change your passwords.

Sorry but I really want to get it right!


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