Why no posts in a while??? DJIA, SPX, DAX Bottoms in but not for long…..

Fractal Waves……

There had to be a better way to improve the issues I had of turning points… and there sure appears to be! Fractal waves and “time warp” I am putting something together on it  and will hopefully have it up in a few weeks. This will effect the big picture outlook because waves behave differently and change in intensity as the wave scales build up!

This is not the end. It looks like the bottom off the recent highs will last into the US elections and then we should have a rebound rally to complete pivot W3 sometime next year, with a bigger correction to below the 2009 low, followed by a final swinging 20’s to complete the 300 year cycle peaking in later this decade before the final collapse into the late 20’s or 30’s. To demonstate that analysis you need to do the “time warping”.

Also much against the crowd gold and silver should make their final lows early next year!

To show you where I am today’s bottoms are in, terminology as usual.

ES shows full wave counts and has support on the ideal wave MLL.

SPX however has turned beyond its ideal wave MLL and appears to have found support on D123 ML

DOW has found support on W012MLL

DAX also turned at its ideal wave MLL. In the DAX below I have the effect of fractal waves where an action cause the wave to sub divide and fall out of its channel but this has always reverted within 2 fractal wave scale up. I am trialing a methodology which has over 90% accuracy in confirming this and trading results are excellent so far!

ES should work through most of the heavy resistance tonight and as a result I expect an up day tomorrow.

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments?

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