US Dollar 28 May 2012

The dollar has followed its script nicely since my previous big picture posted early March (now in archives) and is still trading within the lower 4H345 trend channel.

The US Dollar is in daily wave -4, and 4H wave 5. Both have valid MAP Wave counts. The Weekly waves can clearly be seen below off the 2001 high with the long SMA.

The weekly pivot scale shows the detail wave count of the 4H pivot scale and shows prices moving back to the 4H ML. H2 was made on MF12 MLL.

On the daily scale we can see a double wave formation between H1 and H2, however that completes the wave 2 correction. In wave 3 we can clearly see the sub wave in 10 1 and we are in wave 10 4. As we can see on the weekly bar scale above the bulk of the rise is complete and I would expect the dollar to put in H3 on the 4H ML towards then end of June around 84.

As you can see below it dropped below its 4H234 MLL, which was my expected turn in my 22 March Update of pivot -2! Hope that does not happen again! 0.75% out! But I am here to improve but as I ply indexes the action proved worthwhile, and my transfer into dollars has paid off – just not as soon as I had expected! Retrospectively the wave count was obviously not read as per my oscillators and subsequently I await confirmation on multiple bar scales – not just the first! A lesson learned!

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments?

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