European Indices 20 December 2012

In the updated format you can now see ticks on Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily scales. This allows better visualization of fractal waves on different wave cycles. To see other wave scales click the individual indices.

Look at the indices on the yearly time scale ( print them out and place them next to one another) to get a sense of where long term policy is taking the different countries despite the fact that they are meant to have integrated economies! There are long term differences which through proper analysis would have been obvious at the time of the formation of the Euro!

You will now find the MAP Wave counts on the charts in the text box and when updated, in addition to fractal wave scale validity criteria.

The only indices that have positive outlook are Germany followed by UK and Switzerland.



France is in a very dangerous position and has an extremely negative outlook and will be in no mans land from next year until it decides it’s future. This must be Europe’s best short, especially when you look at their sensible new policies – such as banning cash gold sales and thereby killing their gold business, and so people just drive over the border to Belgium where it is now booming, followed by the current idiocy of all governments to get more aggressive on taxation resulting in the wealthy moving out! Out governments are that stupid – the UK tried this last year and their tax revenues dropped – so that must be because the French know better that they will succeed. This is the idiocy that is killing the West! Add on top of that the decision to reduce the retirement age. Oh yes we are in debt up to our ears but we need to get into even more debt! The sad fact is that the electorate is actually the problem! Why I hear you ask. Because they have this money for nothing attitude and prefer to commit economic suicide than actually become economically productive and are happy to believe the politicians election bribery promises!!


Next in the ugly contest comes Italy!


Followed by Spain:


And finally Greece:


From an investment view as stupid as it sounds Greece is probably the best! It has doubled in the last couple of months! So you get relatively large moves here and so long as you are on the right side they are pretty big!

So what is the outlook for the Euro (I will update it soon)?

W from May 11 topA bit of a rest bite until late Summer!


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