France CAC 40 – 18 December 2012

Following the new governments recent policy decisions regarding lowering retirement age speaks for where France is going – DOWN in the long term! There needs to be a mentality shift that there is no way that the minority can pay for a non productive majority as you can see by their tax policy and its consequences! as the open letter of French actor Gerad Depardieu responds to the French governments attempt to label him as BAD (in German but click translate to get the jist of it!

This is going to take a long time and at least Greece and Spain will come out of the woods, possibly giving hand out to France by the time they bottom!

Yearly as much as I have data;



Quarterly from 2000 top;

Q from 2000 top


Monthly from 2007 top;

M from 07 top


Weekly from 2009 bottom;

W from 09 bottom


And daily from September 2011 bottom;

D from Sep 11 bottom


With the socialist in power looks like Europe’s next Greece!


Ideas, Suggestions, Comments?

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