Silver 27 May 12

This one has given me some trouble! In MAP Analysis Part 3 I left the question open. Those who read Part 2 would have recognised the pattern that favoured prices moving to the monthly MLL!

I have started to show the head and shoulders at pivots 3 and -2 – the initial target is the ML and depending on wave development the MLL becomes the next target. I have also started to include  bull and bear flags as the 04 and 0-4 Bear and Bull Break lines.

On the monthly pivot scale we can see the long SMA just rolling over. The short SMA does not show a clear wave pattern, but this can be seen below on the weekly pivot scale showing we are in wave -5.

The MLL and MF-1-2 ML give a target low around $24 around August / September.

To complete a monthly MAP wave count prices need to drop below 26.145, which is likely to occur before the beginning of July, unless further sub waves develop.

On the daily pivot scale the sub wave formation can be seen and D-4 is expected this week and then a drop into August / September  to make M4 below $25 on the M123MLL.

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments?

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