Apple 17Nov2012

Has Apple seen its better days?? blog from 11 Oct 2012

I am trying to finalise my fractal time warp MAP Analysis counts to establish where we are  and started looking at some bell weather stocks so started with Apple.

What does it say – yellow pivots look wrong? Bubble top??

Lets look at it through time warped glasses.

Now how do the yellow pivots look? Wave 2 complex, wave 4 simple and below we apply MAP Analysis

And it looks ominous. This top has met a rule that it is in to stay and will not be broken for a long long time if support at $584.70 fails!

Zooming in

A test of its critical long term support is expected to hold as we are on the final wave down to W-1. This could be as early as the 31 October if the 4H channel holds. The low is anticipated to coincide with the beginning of October, which is where a lot of my index lines are crossing. New president whoever it is will get a honeymoon bounce!

Apple Update direction still down. 11Oct2012

Someone asked me to go down in detail after todays gap up so here it is.

Today’s high is 4H-4 and not D-3. D-3 is 4H-3. Not the system but the user!!!!!!!!

Bottom nearing! 17 Nov 2012

This apple has been very sweet and has nicely stayed within its trend channel. A break out of this channel will confirm a trend change.

It looks like Apple will make its final W-1 bottom at the end of this year around $460. The current bounce should put in D-4, but as I don’t follow Apple I have not confirmed this any further than in the area shown (to confirm you have to go down another 6 fractal wave scales which takes a few hours!). It may already have put in its high but on this fractal scale a quick glance looks like we are in 4H wave 3 and so it is possible the correction can go up to D012MLU but could turn anywhere in the purple are shown and should turn no later than the end of next week from this bounce. The higher it goes the better short it will be!

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments?

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