Nasdaq – 21Oct12 Last Update 2012 11 17

I think this one may impress some as it was the easiest!

Previously I had the issue of how to deal with the bursting bubble, but the fractal structure of time leaves us only 2 options – either pivot 1 or 5! Either way I honestly do not think it makes that much difference as if there is a glimmer of hope for the US this is it! It needs to make 1 more top after this correction which needs to go parabolic to make a new all time high, which will confirm that the bottom of  2002 is pivot 2, but I suspect along with the other indices the top is a 5 and the 2002 bottom is -1. Plenty of up room because it can get equal to the 2000 top under MAP Wave Rules, but a line that I have not shown suggests suggest that indeed the 2002 low was -1!

So big picture.

And the near perfect ideal wave finish!

So big day Monday – is this just a Flash Crash as the Bulls claim?

Update 2012 11 17

Forgot to show projection!!!! But concentrated on projected top! Anyway below you can see  that it bounced out of its channel, only to return. That action has led to the below projection with a low between 2700 and 2800 before the end of December. There is going to be alot of sideways movement on this one once it has completed H-4.

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments?

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