Dow Jones 11 December 2012

The DOW has the best long term data and so is the basis of my assumption that we are not yet at the peak of the 300ish year cycle which as my post on the DAX shows due to the fractal nature of waves is not possible, and hence the 2007 top is either pivot 1 or 3. This will not be confirmed for many years to come so is largely irrelevant to the next few years.

Staring with the very big picture – thanks to Martin Armstrong.

Armstrong DJIA since inception Original

Looking in from 1920

DJIA long term projection

And where MAP Wave Analysis puts us in context

Looking in more detail from 1985. In order to better see the wave formation the following have been scaled in the pivot scaling I use.  Yearly pivots shown above and below.


Looking again from 1985 with Quaterly pivots


Monthly pivot scale from 2007 top, Q3. On the right I have shown validity criteria to meet MAP Wave rules. For each wave scale the next valid pivot to be broken is labelled accordingly.


Weekly pivot scale from the October 2011 bottom. I have also shown the ideal Weekly wave channel with the bold fork. You can see that we have fallen below this channel and so on a weekly level the DJIA is oversold, and the ideal W3 is for June 2013 around 17452.


Daily pivot scale from this June’s low. It is not possible yet to determine D3, however it is most likely to occur during February around 14500 as shown.


4H Pivot scale from November low. 4H will ideally occur this week with the darker shaded area being most likely.


Looks like we will get a FOMC Bernanke high on the 12/12/12 around 13400!

Bennie Update! 12/12/12

Well looks like the US government is struggling to find buyers for its bonds!

The DOW is approaching its ideal wave target as projected in yesterdays update – looks like tomorrow would be a good time to take stock of longs as it has a nice wave formation so this is extremely likely to start its downtrend for fiscal cliff day and looks like new end of January highs to confirm US indices uptrend by many other indicators!

121212 4H1Marc

PS – SPX, Russel and Nasdaq Comp have the same wave count and I will try post them over the week end – But look to top by the by Tuesday! They still have around  2% to go to reach their ideal wave targets!


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