Help Make This Time Different!

I have provided you with pure technical analysis without reference to any news or substantiation from any other source or influence – oh and it still works 100 years later! NOTHING HAS CHANGED and we still let our governments control the economy and money!

There is plenty historical evidence and as highlighted in Greece Exit, Euro-Zone Collapse, Spain and Portugal Will Follow Within 6 Months  AUSTERITY IS NOT THE SOLUTION, and with the UK officially falling back into recession. PRINTING MONEY DOES NOT WORK EITHER!

Any 5 year old can tell you if you have $5 and an apple costs $1 you can only buy 5 apples as well as telling you that money does not grow on trees!

To reinforce my point I have given you plenty of examples and I have mislead you on a number of things, MAP Waves being  new  where in fact they were just Elliot’s Motive Wave, despite not being in the featured articles Gold and Silver Profiting from Peoples Predictability  got  more views than part 1, 2  &  3 within the first 24 hours, and within 10% of part 4! I have manipulated and brainwashed you. Time for you to stop being one of the 3P’s!

And any lawyers out there, sorry there are no duty of care cases you can make a quick buck on, “ adhere to a standard of reasonable care” if the standard is rubbish then that is all you need to provide!

And sorry folks – we can’t blame the regulators or government either – remember you voted them in and you cannot sue yourself – isn’t democracy as practiced wonderful??

It is time to change our behavior and accept our social responsibility. Democracy is NOT about absolving responsibility and blaming others and complaining  that you have no choice! You do – vote with your money. Set up name and shame blogs such as  I Paid a Bribe, use Nadeem; s Consumer Watch, Set up local petrol station prices and watch how quickly the price of petrol will start to track the price of oil! Have you noticed long excuses get made (Bull%^&*) as to why prices go up the day after oil goes up but takes months to go back down? Set up local ones in your area to force change by setting consumer standards and voting with your money!  Martin Armstrong offers more suggestions in his latest article and had numerous publications on the history of the economy, and examples of what absolute powers results in unless we change our behavior!

 PUT PRINCIPLES ABOVE PROFIT – MAKE PRINCIPLED PROFITS – That is what sustainable capitalism is where the rubbish should be allowed to fall by the wayside to innovate new ideas to generate new wealth! 


Approximately 10% of new business ventures are successful! The young are the innovators. Is it not better to offer a safety net to encourage innovation and generate new wealth? Wee will allways have the extremists that sponge off society but one of them may come up with that brilliant idea that generates the new wealth from which we can all have a better quality of life! Is it not time to rethink and MAKE THIS TIME DIFFERENT!

What made America the world power? Innovation by immigrants that fled for a better future due to multiple reasons! And now look at the protectionist sentiment – keep the illegals out – have we already forgotten that once our forefathers also migrated for a better future? Let us not be complacent and sit on our fore fathers laurels and let it all go to waste MAKE THIS TIME DIFFERENT!

We all complain about manufacturing going to China. You the consumer have voted with your money to buy better value for money goods and drove manufacturing to where it is! Now it is time to pay the price. What is wrong with spreading the wealth more evenly, all be it in countries other than our own. Why are we wasting our money subsidising inefficient and outdated industries? Let the wealth be spread around and let innovation flourish to generate new wealth. MAKE THIS TIME DIFFERENT!

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    Help make this time different!

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